Herman’s House of Hallucinations

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Watch for the the tales and adventures coming soon from Hallucinating Herman and Herman’s House of Hallucinations!

Come join us as we recount… what? Oh, sorry!

– ahem-

As our friend Herman appears in his own tale telling web comic; recounts his adventures; and tells us real stories of enchantment.


More Coming Soon!

Herman, aka, Hallucinating Herman is constructed of recovered and repurposed remnants of a ‘Geeves’ mannequin (manufacturer unknown). Renamed Herman, over the years has been a companion to Pael Spelle & his family; has made a good number of friends; enjoys cosplay; has been known to be mischievious when we’re not looking; and children and animals are often captivated with him. He especially loves Halloween!

Outstanding fellow, quite agreeable to work with, deserves high praise, is an outstanding…

– Herman, you need to write all of this yourself next time, I’m not going to put all of this in!

-Pael (partial dictation by Herman)


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