314Here’s the first review in a series of 3 reviews about a haunted town sucked into an endless circle. The question is, can Alma Harper escape the circle and thus complete it and at what cost.
I bought this book for free on Amazon. You may still be able to find it if you’re interested at the end of this review. If you can’t get it, set up an account on Amazon and I should be able to digitally loan it to you. Just shoot me your e-mail. This horrific nightmare of a tale based on a continuous cycle in a small town. The number represents pi, a perfect circle. It is also the date that a dark event happens in a small town, March 14th. 314, 3.14 (pi) and March 14th. The event also happens at exactly 3:14 in the afternoon. The main character, Alma Harper, goes on a journey to Widowsfield. She was in this small town when the event occurred, but has no memory of what happened. Will she remember what happened on this day sixteen earlier, or will all be lost in her memory forever? Find out what terror she left behind in this thrilling tale by A. R. Wise.


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