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A special, flat surface set aside exclusively for magickal workings or religious acknowledgment.


A magically charged object which deflects specific, usually negative energies. A protective object.


The two halves of a tarot deck. The Major Arcana consists of 22 trumps, the Minor Arcana consists of 56 suit cards


A bundle of fresh herbs or a perforated object used to sprinkle water during or preceding ritual, for purification purposes.


A cleansed and consecrated ritual blade. Usually double edged, and black handled. It is never used to cut anything on the physical plane.


A fire lit for magickal purposes, usually outdoors. They are traditional on Yule, Beltane, and Midsummer


A witch’s broom

Book of Shadows

A witch’s book of spells, rituals, magickal lore. Like a magical cookbook.


A white-handled knife, used in magick and ritual for purposes such as cutting herbs or piercing a pomegranate.


Linked to witchcraft in the popular mind, this symbolizes the Goddess, the waters of rebirth.


A heat-proof container in which incense is burned. It is associated with the element air.


A crown for the head usually made of flowers and worn at Beltane


Ritual knife of the Scottish tradition


A magickal workbook containing ritual information, formulae, magickal properties of natural objects and preparation of ritual equipment. Often used interchangeably with Book of Shadows.


A divinatory device consisting of a string attached to a heavy object, such as a quartz crystal, root, or ring. The free end of the string is held in the hand, the elbows steadied against a flat surface, and a question is asked. The movement of the heavy object’s swings determines the answer. It is a tool which contacts the psychic mind.


Generally a small doll representation of a person. Originally used in Voodoo and Hoodoo practices for postive energies of healing, it has since been twisted into an icon of evil doing and often referred to as a ‘Voodoo Doll’.


A set of symbols used both in divination and magickal work. There are several types will different origins- Scandinavian, Norse, Germanic


Magickal tool corresponding to the staff in other traditions. Usually made from blackthorn wood.


Ritual tool which corresponds to the wand or athame.


Ritual tool from Pagan Rome which resembles a two-pronged trident. Often used in place of the wand or circle.


An object charged with personal power to attract a specific force or energy to its bearer.

Tarot Cards

Set of 78 cards which feature pictures and symbols used to conned the diviner with the collective unconscious


Ritual tool brought to the craft from ritual magick

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– Pael Spelle

with contributions by warmnessonthesoul


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