Here’s something different for my viewers. A ‘B’ movie starring Kevin Sorbo. My only draw to film, originally. Most would remember Sorbo as the legendary Hercules or the commander on Andromedda. In this film, he’s something else. Not much of an adventurer, more of a bounty hunter, who gets sucked into saving a kingdom. The film itself, though, was quite lame. We’re talking a vampire turned to ashes and dust that is brought back to life with sorcery. Not only that, we have vampires walking around in the daylight. WTF? This is before Twilight. At least these vampires don’t sparkle. So, in general, we have half siblings that go back to destroy a vampire who has come back from the dead to save a kingdom, later ruled by vampires. Sound interesting? Maybe a little intriguing? At least something that makes you just sit and watch because you have nothing better to do and you feel like a lame ‘B’ movie? While not my favorite  movie due to lack of a real story line.  There was too much bouncing from past to present and from location to location without any kind of lead into the next scene. And don’t get me started on the vampire, or how they were destroyed. A sword through the gut? Really? I suppose  I was intrigued enough to watch it and try to make sense of it, but I wouldn’t watch it again. abelar tales of an ancient empire

-Ce Ce

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