Why are we reviewing the movie Alpha and Omega on our werewolf site you might ask?  Well, without wolves, there wouldn’t be werewolves.

But anyway, Alpha and Omega is a story about two young wolf friends that find themselves on the opposite ends of the pack’s social class.  Our young Kate (Hayden Panettiere) is off to train to be an Alpha, while her good friend Humphrey (Justin Long) stays behind to wait for his friend to return.  His place in the pack is as an Omega, which in this movie are known as the clowns of the group, as well as the security.

Kate returns from Alpha training class to find a rival pack hunting in her pack’s territory.  The rival pack has run out of food to hunt in its own, and is looking to move in.  In order to keep the two packs from fighting for the valley, Kate’s father Winston (Danny Glover) and rival pack leader Tony (Dennis Hopper) agree that their Alpha children should marry and unite the two packs.

However, things turn the wrong way when after hearing betrothed Garth (Chris Carmack) howl his song, Kate is dismayed at his terrible ability.  She wanders off where she runs into Humphrey, and both end up being darted by humans and transported to another nature park far away.

The two are befriended by an unlikely pair, a golf-playing goose, and a quacky caddy, who try to help the two young wolves find their way back to their pack.  Will Humphrey and Kate make it back in time to stop the imminent conflict between the two wolf packs?  Will she marry her betrothed in time?  Well, without making this a spoiler review, you’ll have to answer those questions when you see the movie.

Overall, the animation of the movie is good.  The story line is pretty much a standard young love story, only told from within the packs of wolves.  Guys, it’s pretty much a kid’s movie and a chick-flick, but not unenjoyable and does have a few humorous quips.  The children in the theater seemed to love it, and my lady friend did as well.  I’d give this movie a C+ sort of rating.  (The 3-D version may be more exciting, there are a lot of point-of-view slides down mountains and flying objects!)

– Pael Spelle

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FTC disclosure: iseewerewolves.com and its companion sites do not have an affiliation with the studios, writers, or producers of this movie.  We just love stories about werewolves, and the strange and unusual.

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