Over the last 18 months we set upon a technical and time consuming process of re-organizing & re-building our family of publications in order to better present the endeavors of our creators and contributors, as well as make navigation a little easier for our viewers.

On November 17, 2016, we began reloading the web comic Living Room Wars into its own presentation area.  You can now read Phil’s saga from beginning to most recent episodes uninterrupted on ISeeAliens.com/livingroomwars:

Get the latest posts from Living Room Wars right in your browser here: Living Room Wars feed

(Not to worry, you’ll still be able to find your Living Room Wars saga fix links here at IMBH too!)

Living Room Wars is a photographic, web panel comic created, produced, written, & photographed by Phil Custodio since its first publication 11.14.2011 and has been publishing new episodes twice a week since. (So you’ve got a lot of reading to do if you haven’t had the pleasure yet!)

Presented by IMustBeHallucinating.com, ISeeAliens.com

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