Ok, folks.  You’ll have to look at the video as the Irish filmmaker George Clarke has presented it and decide whether or not you believe he is right.  You see, George has spotted what he believes to be an anomaly in a release of the Charlie Chaplin movie: Circus.  Clarke claims that this footage is proof of a time traveler on a cell phone in 1928 caught on film.  This clip is said to be ‘extra footage’ that has been provided with this release of a Chaplin collection.

Chaplin Time Traveler

I have to say, I looked at the footage as it was presented, and even had to look at it several times.  Not that I don’t have an open mind, but sometimes a logical answer, or a simple answer is present, yet the correct question is never asked.  In our day, of course this looks to be the easiest explanation based on the technology and devices that have become common place.  It has to be someone using a cell phone!  And in 1928!  What?!

You will notice in this video that Clarke often makes references to the ‘woman’ as looking like a man in drag.  I think that that assessment could very well be the case.  And I think that there could be very good reason as well. It’s called a disguise.

Now why, would you ask, would a person that is just in a happenstance appearance on camera outside of the theater be in costume or disguise?  Ok, let’s think about the era of the 1920’s and early 30’s.  There are no communication satellites in space at this time.  So how would someone talk on a cell phone even if they could time travel? Hmmmm.  Well, let’s see, what other things went on in this time period?

I got to digging around on the internet for some answers, or at least a more plausible theory.  Could it have been that the ‘woman’ was messing with a hearing horn that was used in this time period?  Then maybe even talking into it to see if it was clear?  Possibly.  But it’s the hand that Clarke draws your attention to the most.

Ok.  I’m going to say for the sake of argument with Clarke that this person is indeed using a communication device.  But I’m going to disagree and say that it wasn’t at all a cell phone.  If this person is truly communicating with someone through a handset of type, then I would surmise that it really is a man in women’s clothing in order to conceal a power pack/receiver to a 2 way radio device.  In this time period in question, these types of devices were in development with the first ‘true’ 2 way radio being developed in Australia in 1923. And I also believe that I see a sort of squeezing motion that could have been necessary for keying up the device to talk.  More on the history of 2 way radio can be found here on wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-way_radio

So as an alternative to the time traveler theory, I offer this:  the person captured on film was a man, testing/using a two way radio device (perhaps even seeing how it stood up in a busy setting,) dressed as a woman in order to conceal the battery pack and transmitter. (I do suggest watching the person from the instant they enter the screen, and not just the parts that your attention is focused by Clarke.)  Far fetched, I know, but is that as far fetched as the time traveler on a cell phone?  Again, although I believe in the possibility of time travel, I don’t think that this is any real evidence.

– Pael Spelle © copyright 2010 Imustbehallucinating.com

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