Creepy Dolls recovered by sheriff's dept. November 2014 image source:
Creepy Dolls recovered by sheriff’s dept. November 2014 image source:

Bear Creek Swamp, near Pratville, Alabama, is a place filled with legends of strange lights and mysterious paranormal activity.  The area has been seen on a few paranormal TV shows, but gained the most exposure in November of 2014.  The story of the local sheriff’s department taking canoes into the swamp to remove a macabre display of 21 porcelain dolls impaled on spikes made its way into news reports worldwide.

Speculation ran wild as to the nature of the display.  Was it just a prank or some form of occult ritual?  To this day it remains a mystery, but now there is another twist.

There has been a new display of dolls impaled on sticks put in the swamp near county road 3.  Spotted by one of our contacts in the area, this one has not yet been reported to major media.

creepy dolls in swamp 2015 taylor williams
Photo image credit: Taylor Williams

One thing that makes the dolls even creepier is the fact that one of the main legends you hear locals talk about is a ‘woman in white’ tale.  The woman in white legends are found worldwide, but are often associated with the Mexican version known as “La LLorona.”

The usual way the story goes is a young woman murders her children (almost always by drowning) and then kills herself.  She is then doomed to spend eternity searching the water to find her children who, of course, are gone on to the next world.

There are many variations to the woman in white legend, but the premise is always the same.  The locals who live around Bear Creek Swamp tell a simple version: if you go into the swamp and say “I got your baby,” she will appear.

Are these dolls part of some bizarre ritual to summon the woman in white, or just pranksters Halloween fun?  At any rate, it is a strange site to find an an Alabama swamp…

  • Doug Ward
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