day of the dead yellow bby pael spelleday of dead ornament by pael spelleday of the dead blue by pael spelle

Día de Muertos, is also known as Day of the Dead in English.  I am, as an artist, writer, and enthusiast of learning about cultures and philosophies interested in learning more about this holiday in personal perspective from those who would like to share.

I am writing an article to educate and share more about the Día de Muertos experience, the customs involved as well as their meanings, and a personal perspective about the celebration  honoring our ancestors.

I rather like the concept of the celebration and in honor have even created my own interpretations (above) of the well known Calavera or sugar skulls, which also have come to be known as ‘tattoo skulls’ in American culture. (sorry!)  I may be way off on these and would even like some feedback as to whether they are appropriate for the celebration.

Pictures would be most welcome as well.

(Due to some translation programs, as our site is based in English, exact quotes may not appear as they should. I apologize for that in advance. I do understand some Spanish, but do not speak or write it and will be relying on translation software to some degree.)

So if you celebrate Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead and would enjoy sharing more about it, please contact me.  I Must Be Hallucinating


– Pael Spelle


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