It’s been 50 years since the invasion of Earth by an alien race called the Formics. The military is desperate to find a new leader that can overcome this alien menace. With enhanced skills & strategy abilities from playing video games, the world looks for a new combat leader in its children.

A young man named Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is one such candidate, and a favorite of Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford.) But can he overcome the failings of his two older siblings, and as a third become a leader? Graff seems to think so, and with or without the recommendation of his advisor Major Gwen Anderson (Viola Davis), he will push Ender as far as he can go. And it’s her job to make sure that he will fit the psychological profile necessary to be a leader.


Will Ender be able to fit in to this military plan? Only time and special training may tell. With the support of his older sister, Valentine (Abigail Breslin) can he push himself to be what is expected? Only through a series of combat simulations will anyone ever really know for sure.

Will Ender live up to the expectations of the top military officials? How can he possibly live up to the name of the hero Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley) that stopped the invasion fleet 50 years ago? Will genocide be prevented?
Released in 2013 and directed by Gavin Hood, Ender’s Game is outstanding in special effects and three-dimensional thinking. Based on the book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, this story does well developing even minor characters completely even in their short appearances in the story. It may even leave one questioning who their enemies are.


– Pael Spelle

images from the film Ender’s Game by Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate Films

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