Agilkia landing site 6 November 2014 highlight.  From
Agilkia landing site 6 November 2014 highlight. From

The next day or so are going to be exciting indeed.

The European Space Agency, roughly a decade ago, sent a deep space probe in chase of a comet named 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.   Rosetta probe and it’s Philae lander have finally caught up to the comet.

The European Space Agency will be broadcasting this historic event live on their web site: European Space Agency (or you watch the simulcast to the right) the arrival, separation, and landing event onto this comet.

Rosetta comet landing highlight. From
Rosetta comet landing highlight. From

This is a very exciting time indeed as this is a first ever comet landing.  I know that I will be sitting on the edge of my seat as this takes place, and will be anxiously awaiting the data as the agency begins to interpret it.  This is a tremendous, historical event in which we will finally have a ‘hands on’ study of a comet, what it is made of,  perhaps even where they might originate, or maybe even some of the building blocks of life.

The Science Channel will also be running a special about the Rosetta Mission Comet Landing November 12 as the mission takes place.

Join the world as we all sit in awe of another leap of mankind into the great unknown of outer space!

– Pael Spelle

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