what is supposed to be my costume from The Shannara Chronicles as Eretreia

April 29th was the Boonshoft Museum’s second annual Geekfest and I was glad to attend. There were so many things to see and do that I couldn’t possibly see and do it all. These are only the highlights of the my nigh of attendance.

From arcade games to collector’s items to local authors. The list of vendors alone was overwhelming. Which is why I chose not to go alone. I went with my friend, Becky, to this event. Sometimes it takes two to see what you may not see.

On the main floor were several illustrators and comic book vendors. There were also some vendors with high priced collector’s items from Star Wars several comic characters. In the Education Lobby there were several games. The illustrations and collector’s items were high priced and I’m not into LARPing (live action role playing). Most of the first floor was geared toward collector’s and kids. So Becky and I moved up to the second floor.

On the second floor was a representative from Doug’s Arcade Retro Games and Family Fun. He is located in Greenville, Ohio. He had classic arcade games and several pinball machines set up. I love pinball. He also had a fooseball table set up.

Once past the aracede games and the urge to spend the rest of the night playing pinball, it was a short trip down the hall to more vendors. Once in the door the first thing I saw was a vendor with unopened, mint condition Star Wars figures. I knew I was in the right place. I spent a few minutes gently shifting through his box before I found my favorite figures for five dollars a piece. I am now the proud owner of the mid to late nineties figurines of Han, Old Ben Kenobi and Darth Maul.

geekfest 2016 cece
first three books by Rob E. Boley, local indie author

After this I moved down about four tables to find Becky ogling some earrrings. We decided to sit down for a moment and do a time check so that we wouldn’t miss Geek Jeopardy.

We had a half hour to kill so I went over to talk to Rob E. Boley who was there with some of his books. After taking a look at the books and talking to him about what I do as a writer and book reviewer I bought three of the books and had them signed. Mr. Boley writes a series of books known as The Scary Tales. They are mashups of popular fairy tales and horrific monsters. I’m excited to begin the series with the first book The Risen Snow. The other two he had on display and for sale were The Wicked Apple and That Ravenous Moon. The next one that I did not see is That Malicious Storm.

Now it was almost time for Geek Jeopardy. After watching a few people do one last Star Wars dance it was time for Geek Jeopardy. The curator divided the room down the center. One side represented the Rebel Alliance and the other side the Empire. Becky had seated ourselves on the Empire side. In this game, the Rebels didn’t stand a chance. Empire destroyed the Rebel Alliance during this epic game of Jeopardy about fantasy worlds, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Harry Potter.


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