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Halloween is that time of year when all of the

mysterious things come to the forefront of many minds.  It’s when the ghouls and ghosts, monsters and goblins come out to play.

It’s that one night when even those that dare not show off that they might enjoy costumes or cosplay, can escape their fears of ridicule and dress up to pretend to be anything they want.

Regarded traditionally for thousands of years as the Pagan Festival of Samhain, it is that special time of year when magical things come closer into focus as the days become shorter and the nights become longer.  It’s the night that the mystical veil between the spirit plane and the physical plane is said to be the thinnest, and the time of the nocturnal creatures; it marks the end of summer and the harvest season, and is said by some to mark the beginning of the summer season in the Underworld.

It wasn’t until the sixth century or so that the Catholic Church designated November 1st as All Saints Day, and thus October 31st came to be known as All Hallows Eve.  Eventually collquialism shortened this term to the one we are more familiar with today: HALLOWEEN!

Fear of the unknown is what drove the convolution of Halloween to be associated with witches, ghosts, zombies, monsters, or other fantastic creatures.  Superstitious fears often fuel the imagination of things beyond this world in fiction, and some of these imagined fears even became true historical accounts of horrific events to innocent people.

Although imagination sparks the fun of being frightened or scared and getting that adrenaline rush on Halloween, never underestimate the forgotten truths of the thinner veil and the things that very well do lurk, watching you this magical and mystical time!

– Pael Spelle


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