A Story of A Young Girl, A Pale Man, A Repeating Day, & Voices in the House

Haunter (2013)Young Lisa (Abigail Breslin) seems to be living the same day over and over. It is always the day before her 16th birthday. Everyone else is totally oblivious that anything is out of the ordinary as they repeat the same routine. They are not ‘awake.’
As Lisa becomes more disturbed by the repetition, she begins to question what is happening. Strange disturbances begin to surface within the family home, and as she investigates, she finds not only answers that she doesn’t expect, but that the entire family routine has turned dour as well.

haunter 2013 3Enter the Pale Man (Stephen McHattie), who claims to be the telephone repair man. In a private conversation with Lisa, he warns her to leave well enough alone and not to be a ‘Busy Betty.’
Lisa, even though the Pale Man has made it clear that he can make matters worse through her family, continues to investigate further into this nightmare. Can help be found from spirits she has come to contact in her search?

haunter 2013 4Can Lisa wake her brother Robbie (Peter DaCunha) from playing the same games everyday, dismiss his imaginary friend Edgar (David Knoll) and the tales he tells? Can she wake up her mother Carol (Michelle Nolden) to help her bring her father Bruce (Peter Outerbridge) to awareness?

This story, written by Brian King, was certainly not what I expected in a ghost story. Released in 2013, Haunter is a fantastic work bringing in suspense and keeping the viewer questioning as to just what is really going on. With direction by Vincenzo Natali.

haunter 2013 2Are you expecting a call?

– Pael Spelle

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