badgeExploring the possibilities, rifts, commonalities, and differences of witches & witchcraft between the real world and those of bedtime stories.

Witches and magic have played a part in history throughout the ages in society and in the imagination. We hope you will come, open your mind, explore and share with us.

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papa legbaAt the Crossroads: Hoodoo, Voodoo, & Magic in Blues Too – by Doug Ward

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The stories and legends of the blues are sometimes wrapped in a cloak of mystery that over time has only grown thicker. Most people have heard whispered rumors about “hoodoo”, or “voodoo”, and “folk magic” in the American south. When the name Robert Johnson is mentioned a lot of people who recognize the name also know the legend of his supposed deal at the crossroads. Those from places outside the American south and living in modern times might not realize the real influence of magic in early blues music. READ MORE…

burning-incense-lucinda-walter from fine art americaScents and Meanings in Ritual

In various cultures around the world, multiple religious practices, and even in some forms of therapy, scents can induce particular feelings, emotions, and even stimulate pleasure (or displeasure) in our brains. READ MORE…

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