I’ve been recently playing Immortal Night, an online vampire and werewolf based role-playing game.

It is an interesting game since there are a lot of things to do, though a lot of repetition, and has a  point system much like one would find in many role-playing games.  You collect items for your inventory, manage money, go to the bank, play stock markets, trade gold and things in your collection, travel from place to place, participate in dog races, and much more. Lots of player interaction with each other including joining houses & clans.

As with most of the online games that are out there today, the game is free to play.  And you can play it indefinitely.  Of course they accept donations for limited time access to reach areas of the game that you normally cannot reach in free play mode.  With a donation, and they accept different contribution levels, you will also get more items or gold for your inventory.

Enjoyable, but there does seem to be a point where you’ve exhausted everything you can do and in order to recover and get ahead in the game, you have to wait a day before you start at it all over again.

Overall I think the game is enjoyable and fascinating.  I love the theme of course!  What’s not to love about vampires and werewolves?

With all of it’s muggings and contract hits, houses and hierarchies, I’m sure I haven’t fully learned to utilize the game’s tools.  Add in the ability to message with other players, participate in markets with them, animal races for beasts from your stables, and a bit of never turning your back on anyone…it is engrossing.  I do like the fact that for items to advance, days are in real time.  It actually gets me to break away from the game.  The game does not utilize much in the way of graphics.  It is quite enjoyable with a low-stress playing level.  I am captivated to see the other items and game locations that are still coming to the site.

If you want a game to play and be glued to for a few hours, with the real-time days forcing a break but making a long-term commitment, then this game is for you.

If you don’t have patience and just want short games, this would not be your choice.

You can find this game here: Immortal Night

– Pael Spelle

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