God created 3 arch angels to administer the
angelic realm, Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. The one God created as having the
greatest light and brilliance was Lucifer. Lucifer was God’s favorite because he
helped search for the jewels of reality since God created all possibilities
which are unmanifested until observed. God wanted to build a new place where
life was growing and changing. Thus began the seach for the Jewel of God.

News spread through the angelic realm that Lucifer had discovered the jewel God
had been searching for. God let all the angels observe this new world and all
of the Sons of God loved this new reality, but none desired it or loved it as
much as Lucifer. God granted Lucifers desire and commanded Lucifer to inhabit
the new world with the order to guide the life there to its ultimate potential.

Lucifer's Rebellion

Feeling power and desire for the first time he
took authority of the most beautiful jewel he had found for God. Lucifer then
ruled the earth for millions of years. Lucifer guided life through the process
of evolution since God wanted even more intelligent beings. After the Ages of
the Great Lizards the Age of Mammals appeared and man was introduced.

But soon enough Lucifer realized the full
meaning of what the sould ultimate potential was. God was planning to create
billions of “god like beings” through evolution. Lucifer felt
betrayed by God since he thought he would always be third highest in Heaven.
Lucifer felt he must maintain the high status at all costs.

The War of Angels had began and with such
violence it ended Earths ability to sustain life. Lucifer declaired war on the
thrown of God. Arch angel Michael was commanded to resist Lucifer. Michael and
his angels fought Lucifer and his angels. Lucifer’s attempt to overthrow Heaven
failed and was forced back to Earth along with the angels that fought beside
him. And to even further irratate Lucifer he was still under the command of God
to help mankind acheive their destiny. Lucifer was enraged. Lucifer devised a
plan to destroy Earth’s life giving abilities. Thus is how the dinosaurs became
extinct. Afterwards Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan, which means the enemy
that destroys.

God was forced to clean up Lucifer’s mess and
thus began the next 5 days of creation. When all was finally restored Adam and
Lilith were the first able to walk his beautiful creation.

(Lucifer’s “bio” can be found in Ezekiel 28:

contributor: warmnessonthesoul

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