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What is Miss Squatcher’s Bigfoot Adventures all about?

Miss Squatcher’s Bigfoot Adventures is about my own experiences in the field looking for bigfoots.  As well as recent sightings and stories related to Sasqatch.  As an amateur I wanted to share what I was doing, and hopefully show others interested in the subject that it’s okay to get out there and start their own search. I think that the more people seriously looking, the better the chance of finding the definitive proof the scientific community needs.

What was it that really sparked your interest in the idea that Bigfoot exists?

I was always interested in the unexplained things of the world.  I grew up watching shows about bigfoots, paranormal, UFO’s and the like.  My parents are both very open minded and also interested in exploring our world’s mysteries.  So I was raised to believe there were things we didn’t understand yet.  As the popularity of the subject has grown in the last few years I started seeing more and more about bigfoots and decided I wanted to know more for myself. I have always spent my time outdoors, so it was an easy transition from simply camping to looking for Sasquatch.

How did you begin actually looking for Bigfoot?

My best friend and I decided we would just start heading out into the woods to look for evidence.  The very first time we went out, really to test our equipment and get comfortable using it, we got an unbelievable wood knock response and that was it.  I was hooked.  I still don’t know what that was, but it was enough to make me want to find out more.  Here is the knock.   From there I started to meet more local bigfooters and discovered BFRO offered public expeditions and started attending to learn more from people with more experience.

Do you follow sightings reports when you go into the woods or do you have particular areas that you stick to?

I have been doing research into historical hotspots here in Alberta and have been visiting those locations that have a history of activity.  But I have also had the pleasure of going all over Alberta, British Columbia and even down to Washington.  And that is one of the things I love about bigfooting – seeing new places.  Now that I have found a few places with on-going activity I am returning to the same spots.

What are your biggest fears when out in the woods hunting for bigfoots, especially involving personal safety?  What precautions do you take?

There are always things you have to take into consideration in regards to your own safety.  Do I worry about the bigfoots eating me? No.  But there are other wild animals that can be a threat.  It’s important to know what yo do if you ever encounter a bear or a cougar for example.  And in the mountains, weather can change fast.  You have to be prepared for the conditions.  It’s important to check out the weather, fire hazard and even avalanche risk depending on where you are going before you get there.  I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors and have learned the tips and tricks to keep myself as safe as possible.  But you have to be ready for anything.  I always go out,  even if it’s for the day, prepared to spend a night in the woods if something happens.  Carry water, food, warm clothes, something to start a fire and make a shelter, and a first aid kit.  Also I recommend a good pocket knife and bear spray if they are in your area.  And always study the area before you go.  Learn the maps and how to use a compass so you can find your way around.  You can’t find any bigfoots if you’re hurt or lost in the woods.

As for walking in the dark, well that was something that always worried me.  But I have found the more I do it the more I get used to it.  You learn how to walk through the woods at night.  But there is always a risk.  Make sure to keep yourself safe when you’re out and about!

Would you consider yourself a researcher or an enthusiast?

I would call myself a researcher.  I am out in the woods to learn more about bigfoots and find evidence of their existence.

Bigfoot footprint
Bigfoot footprint

Have you ever found physical evidence to support the existence of Bigfoot?

Yes I have found some physical evidence.  But I can’t talk about it yet as it’s still being researched.  Hopefully soon I can share some more.  I have found some possible tracks that I can share.

Do you think Bigfoot is a primate, a yet undiscovered form of human, or something still yet to be defined?  Or do you think it really is what reports say that it is?

I think bigfoots are very closely related to humans.  Many native stories talk about living side by side with the Sasquatch.  And I believe they are more closely related to us than our other primate relatives.  But that is yet to be proven.

Can anyone be a Bigfoot researcher?  And do you have any suggestions for the beginning researcher?

Anyone can get out into the field.  As I said I think it’s great to see more people out there in the search.  Start with some research, find a local spot with a history, talk to other researchers and be prepared to stay out in the elements.  I look at it this way: even if I don’t find any evidence of Sasquatch, I get to spend time in the woods with friends and that in itself is great!

Here is an excerpt from my blog:

A popular image of a Bigfoot sighting from 1957
A popular image of a Bigfoot sighting from 1957

I started thinking about why I go looking for bigfoots the other day, and got curious as to why others do as well.  And what sparked their interest in the subject.

So I reached out to my fellow Squatchers and got a great response!  And I have really enjoyed hearing about everyone’s stories.  I did notice a few trends among bigfooters in terms of why whey do it and how they got started.  Everyone had some really great thoughts and here are a few of my favorite quotes:

… in elementary school a teacher sent home a note telling my parents to please ge met to stop talking about bigfoot because it was scaring all the other children. – Ryan Varley, BFRO Investigator

“Going into the woods at night is soul – quenching.” – Emily Wolfe, Bigfoot Researcher

…skeptical doesn’t mean I shoot down possibilities, it means I am actually open to all of them. – Amy Bennett, NY Bigfoot Society

I remember thinking ‘well, this is so fascinating from all angles that to NOT be interested in it seems weird. – Seth Breedlove, Saswhat Blogger

I am neither a believer or a skeptic, I am an investigator trying to get to the truth. – Sharon Lee, The Bigfoot Field Reproter

Miss Squatcher’s Bigfoot Adventures – why do we look for bigfoots

Thank you to Cori for sharing her love and interests in bigfoots and the search for evidence.  Be sure to go see her blog for more/

– Pael Spelle

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