Disney and the like have been known for taking legends and lore and turning them into an enterprise. Monsters, especially those under the bed, are no different. For generations now, stories of monsters under beds and in closets have been the things nightmares are made of and parents offer one simple solution, “it’s just your imagination, monsters aren’t real.” Well, we know that monsters, in one form or another, do exist. Do monsters under the bed exist? Quite possibly.


Most legends have a root in truth. However, most blame these creatures that live in the bedrooms of children on the child’s imagination and centuries of parents making a story up to make their children behave. Let me ask you a question: if children who are too young to have learned of these creatures from other children have a boogeyman in their room, how can this be just the imagination?

There are very certain things I have seen and heard about that cause me to believe that there is more to the boogeyman, monsters under the bed, and monsters in the closet than imagination. Let’s start with my own son. He wasn’t even 2 yet, he would scream and point at the closet. This happened on several different occasions. Finally, one night, he could not be consoled. We solved the problem and it never happened again. You see, we had been having some major paranormal problems in our home- to the point of something you would see on television. My son was being affected. This particular night, my husband blessed the closet and bedroom- you could feel the evil leave. To this day, we have not mentioned the boogeyman or monsters in the closet or under the bed to him. Why did he know to be scared of the closet if there wasn’t more to it? From my experience with him and in this house, I can tell you that it was not his imagination- he was being tormented by something demonic. (You can read more about this incident and more in Melissa George’s book, My Paranormal Life.)

Another person I have spoken to (who wishes to remain anonymous), experienced a green monkey that would hide behind a tree in his yard. He would see this monkey and become hysterical. His parents would console him and then attempt to show him that there was nothing there. As soon as one of them would walk towards the large pecan tree, he would become inconsolable- almost having an anxiety attack. This happened around the age of 3. With the location where they lived, it could not have been someone playing a trick. Is there an animal that would hide behind a tree to tease a child and look like a green monkey? I don’t know of one. His parents did not tell him of any kind of boogeyman and how would a child come up with a green monkey hiding behind a tree, when usually what a child imagines can be explained. I have spoken with him and his parents about this situation and have learned a good bit more about the specifics. There was paranormal activity, in the form of an old man that would talk with him, in this home. Maybe it was some sort of paranormal entity. However, my theory is a bit different. This green monkey looked like a real monkey that was the green of leaves. What could this have been? Well, I have actually been on Bigfoot expeditions in this area and heard from a lot of people the higher than usual number of Bigfoot sightings in this particular area. Is it possible that he was seeing a Bigfoot with leaves or moss in his fur? Why not?

Personally, I’ve had my own experiences. My parents never told me about the boogeyman, monster under a bed, or monster in a closet. In fact, I didn’t hear about these things until I was already in school. We also moved a lot. In some places, I was scared to put my feet down on the floor at night, for fear of being snatched under the bed. At other places, I was afraid for the closet to be left open, and would even refuse to sleep facing the closet door. Actually, there were places that we lived that I would turn my dolls facing away from me. If it were my imagination, wouldn’t I have experienced these things everywhere I lived, or wouldn’t the experiences be similar?

I’ve heard countless stories of kids being afraid of the closet and under the bed. However, in most of these scenarios, their parents did not tell them of these monsters. In fact, most of the time when I hear about the parents trying to scare their kids into behaving, the kids actually seek out these monsters, only to find nothing. So, if kids are too young to of heard about the monsters from other kids, are too young to have seen it on television, and their parents did not tell them about it, how did they imagine that there was a monster stalking them. Is it possible they are seeing something our adult minds are simply not seeing?

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