haunting silver falls

Enter Jordan (Alix Elizabeth Glitter), troubled teen who is now being fostered by her mother’s sister and her husband.
Jordan tries to fit into her new home of Silver Falls with her aunt (Tara Westwood) and uncle (Steve Bacic), but something begins to plague her. The town has a dark story, one that is soon to come to completion.

haunting silver fallsA set of twins (played by Jade Ramsey & Nikita Ramsey) was murdered in Silver Falls before Jordan’s arrival, and their father is on death row for their murder. Although the people of Silver Falls avoid mentioning the tragedy, Jordan has a mysterious visitor after finding a ring in the woods. No one believes Jordan as she tries to explain that one of the twins is following her and seems to want something of her.

haunting silver falls 2Sent to the local psychologist for therapy, Dr. Parrish (seasoned actor Erick Avari), the story continues to go against Jordan. It seems that there were other reported sightings in Silver Falls; and all of those sightings were discounted and the girls deemed to need further psychiatric treatment. How is Jordan ever to convince anyone that something is still very wrong?

haunting silver fallsDirected by Brett Donowho, and released in 2013, this movie has the feel of a usual suspense, chiller story with a  plot twist as tends to be expected.  I have to admit, I usually see the twists coming a mile away, but this one actually did surprise me to some degree.

The cast gave good performances, all believable as their characters, even if there did seem to be a little lackluster in the passions of acting. The movie is certainly worth a watch.

– Pael

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