the-prophecyTime for a review of a cult classic. This movie stars Christopher Walken as the angel Gabriel whose  goal is to take the darkest soul on earth to fight for him in a war against Heaven.
Imagine for a moment angels waging their war among us. An angel has hidden a soul in a small child. People now fear angels. Which ones are here to help us and which are here to harm us for their own use in gaining power in Heaven. And Lucifer. Is he here to help us to serve his own purpose or will he take us down with him thus taking us from Heaven and sealing us with him in Hell forever? Angels have become a dark force to open Heaven, or are they creating a second Hell? Hell on Earth. As if Earth isn’t hell enough.
I had some difficulty following most of the movie. Literally the only part of this movie that made sense to me is when Viggo Mortensen appeared as the devil himself, Lucifer. He explains how to stop the war in Heaven and steals the spotlight away from Walken in the last fifteen or so minutes of the movie. Interesting fact that I read about Mortensen’s role for this movie: though a small role and not even a star yet, he steals the movie and wrote his opening scene for the movie. Talk about scary, I almost believed him as Lucifer. He portrays Lucifer with power and an FU attitude. A stick it to the boss as he sulks with the breakup. What is his true motive? Not sure, he takes what he desires unless you sic the power of God against him.

Angels and the Devil all in one film and an encounter with humans. This movie makes me not want to come into contact with either. It places a new perspective on good vs. evil. The perspective I get is that good is objective to the individual.

– CeCe

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