As I write this, the month of February 2014 finally comes to a close. These past 28 days will eventually fade into history, but let it be remembered what a shitstorm of snow and ice they have been. Winter without mercy. Especially here in northern climes but also surprisingly far to the south.

But I had this on my living room wall, something to give me comfort every time I set out to brave the ice rink also known as I-75.

“Naomi” sounds much better than “February.”

The 2014 Girls of Geeks Calendar’s second month of the year featured my favorite curvacious Canadian cosplaying model Naomi VonKreeps.

Naomi cosplays characters from comics and movies, especially Star Wars, heavy on the Dark Side. And she’s read my Star-Wars-etc.-inspired webcomic, which is about the geekiest thing I can imagine (and also rather awesome)! I found this out one day when I ordered a print and she personalized it.

Her Darth Vader cosplay! My Vaders approve.

There are two big reasons I like Naomi so much – her wit and her personality! Also her boobs. She’s active on facebook, twitter, and a bunch of other stuff, and her website features her cosplay photoshoots and other stuff she finds interesting.

Alas, poor TK-421!
Black Cat is but one of her animal-themed comic characters.

My cat Lizzie also likes Naomi’s photos, such as these with her in Imperial and Artoo outfits.

naomi cartoon4 (2)
Lizzie’s a fan.
A big fan.
Maybe too big a fan, what with the claws and all. February was hard on everybody!

I need to find another place for that calendar before Lizzie shreds it to pieces. Stupid cat.

Naomi’s latest cosplay is particularly appropriate for the season. Emma Frost, somewhere deep in the Canadian wilderness (probably).

Modeling in the not-fake snow — hard core cosplaying!

Naomi helped me get through February 2014, not an insignificant achievement, so she has my gratitude and sincere thanks!

Naomi month is over, but she is not absent from my living room wall. She’s still up there in that first, framed print.

living room
Yeah, Lizzie likes this one too.

–Phil C


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