Shakespeare Undead -  by Lori Handeland
Shakespeare Undead –
by Lori Handeland

I recently read a book called Shakespeare Undead.  It seems that this book’s author has joined in with the other many writers that have been crossing monster themes with historical figures or with historical stories.  Only this time, we have a story where a well known, historical writer has been brought into the fray.

Shakespeare Undead is a novel of vampires, zombies, and unspeakable love.  Of all sorts.

Who’d have known that the great William Shakespeare was not who he claimed to be… but rather an imposter hiding in the guise of a man that had been murdered by robbers.  As that man lay dying, he was offered a chance for eternal life… as a vampire.

Zombies, vampires or no… the show must go on at the Rose theater!

We find that our heroine of this story is a young woman that is married to a lord that she despises.  She is also secretively a zombie hunter by night.  This is how she meets our famous William Shakespeare, out hunting zombies.  Of course it wasn’t a friendly meeting.

Quite the contrary as she managed to slit his throat at his approach.

As our story unfolds, we find that not only is her love for good Will out of place (as she is already married) but also out of place as shewas taught by her nanny to hunt the undead.  Little does she realize that Will is also of the undead.  Namely, he is a vampire.

Here we run into another flux of the story.  Not only is William a vampire, but he is a good vampire, set to destroy the zombie hordesand to find the necromancer vampire that is raising them.

Along the way in our zombie battles, we have a play gone awry with the interruption of zombie overrun, and some most unlikely heroes that come out in the mix.

Although I did find this book to be rather drawn out, I did find it to be quite hard to put down.  Chapter after chapter does seem to have more to do with the heated romance between William and our heroine than the story of the undead, filled with erotic scenes between the two.  Still a much better story than that one about a famous president being a vampire!

If you’re looking for a light hearted read with a little bit of suspense, sex, and scandal filled with the ranks of the undead, then you may enjoy this book.  But if you’re looking for a book that has more to do with the monsters than it does with the romance, then you might want to look for something else to spend your reading hours with.

Check out: Shakespeare Undead – A Novel by Lori Handeland (June 2010)


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