The persistent popularity of Star Trek pleases me. Lots of people about my age are making this happen, not least of whom is this guy.

MEMENTO Star Trek 2013 12
Vic Mignogna, the guy playing Captain Kirk, there along with Todd Haberkorn as Mr. Spock.

Vic has made a career out of voice acting in anime series imported from Japan and loads of other stuff. But as a lifelong Star Trek fan, he used his connections to produce new episodes of Classic Star Trek, with his webseries Star Trek Continues. Instead of updating the franchise with new generations or lens flares, he and his crew stick to the classics, recreating the original’s uniforms, lighting, ship design, props, everything they can.

With a successful Kirkstarter campaign, a few shorts, two full episodes in the can, and more to come, the series seems to be going strong.

Amongst many awesome things about it is Mignogna’s enthusiasm for all things classic. The newest episode, “Lolani,” features Lou Ferrigno in a familiar makeup hue.

lou ferigno STC
Ferrigno is an Orion slave trader this time, not a Gamma irradiated rage monster.

Of course, you can’t have Orion slave traders without Orion slave girls.

Green skinned dancing girls! Vic knows his audience!

Actually, the episode brings to mind classic Trek outings like “Miri,” “The Empath,” and “Requiem for Methuselah,” the ones where a well-placed phaser strike or neck pinch wasn’t quite enough to make everything right.

The whole “slave” part of Orion culture takes center stage, and the solution is far from clear for our intrepid captain and crew. The main problem – the Federation in Star Trek Continues is straight out of the 60s version. It’s the one that put Spock on trial for helping his friend and former commander, wouldn’t let women command starships, mined an intelligent creature’s eggs for minerals. The Prime Directive rules, no exceptions, which means, “What now, slavery? Sorry, no can fix.”

The Star Fleet admiral stick-in-the-mud is played by Erin Gray, Wilma Deering from 80s Buck Rogers, another inspired choice, so it’s hard to be mad, but jeez! Thought-provoking and fun.

Star Trek Continues is one of several fan-based projects out there, the products of hard-working, inspired enthusiasts. I love them all!


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