Luke Skywalker

Jedi Knight and rebel general, as devoted to justice and freedom as his father is to tyranny and control. Wields a lightsaber, but not above getting behind the controls of a snowspeeder if needed.

Han Solo

Space pirate and rebel leader.

Princess Leia

Well equipped for combat in her Bossk outfit.

Col. Norris Tapfer

commands Echo Base, when it is intact. He’s in charge of all rebel troops and is second only to Gen. Skywalker, but is still handy with a blaster rifle.

Cpl. Smitty

(Or any of the other brave soldiers fighting for freedom in the rebel army.) They operate the big guns, scout locations from the back of a tauntaun, or even ride backseat in a snowspeeder.

Maj. Antilles, Lt. Kohlman…

and the other courageous pilots of the rebel alliance fly snowspeeders, X-wings, even star cruisers if they can get their hands on any. They’re not averse to picking up a blaster pistol or rifle and slugging it out on the ground, though.


The rebels’ loyal tauntaun. She carries alliance officers on important missions, packs critically needed supplies, and isn’t above a cavalry charge or two.

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