Enterprise Crew:

Captain Jean Luc Picard

Commander of the Enterprise, determined to carry out his mission of exploration and discovery despite the strange world in which he finds himself.

Commander Will Riker

First officer. Bound by Starfleet’s Prime Directive, but unsure how it applies in the struggle between the Empire and rebels struggling against it.

Commander Beverly Crusher

Chief medical officer. Left without much of a crew to treat, the doctor is driven to help all those in need of it.

Lt. Commander Data

Enterprise’s chief operations officer, who’s also an android. He may have an advantage over his human companions in dealing with their new situation in that he’s always been an artificial lifeform.

Commander Deanna Troi

Ship’s counselor, but also somewhat adrift because she has no crew to counsel. She’s had to deal with a new patient, lately.

Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge

Helmsman, in charge of flying the Enterprise out of whatever dangers they face.

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