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Illustration: Mystery Duck Attack by Pael Spelle

If it quacks like a duck, it must be 4 ft tall & about to eat you!

A couple of years ago, Carolina Cryptid Crew was having a “town hall meeting” and meet and greet. There were people from all over the state there to meet us and tell us their cryptid experiences. One lady had lived all over the country and told us about an encounter she had while living in New England.

She was sitting around a campfire, when she was distracted by the sound of a quack. Well, the quack itself may not be so strange- it could just be a duck. However, she could not hear the duck walking, but the sound was moving around. The other strange thing about it is that the sound was coming from about 4 feet high. Naturally, she assumes this is a four foot tall duck, like most others would assume. The not hearing it walk around, she could not explain.

After I was told this story, I was intrigued, so I started researching. Being in South Carolina, I coudn’t just pack up and head to New England to investigate a four foot tall duck, so I stuck to making calls and internet searching. What I found explained the situation and drove deeper the need to look at cryptids from another perspective.

First, I searched for a breed of duck that is taller than average. I found some, but nothing that compared to the size of the reported creature. I then proceeded to search for a cryptid that made a quacking sound. What I found solved the mystery and gave me a laugh at the same time.

h_Crowley-Wood-Frog ontarionature dot org
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wood-frog-closeup turtle
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It turns out that the male Wood Frog, native to New England, makes a call that sounds eerily like a duck. This isn’t the only thing that sets these frogs apart. While most true frogs spend most of their time in the water, the Wood Frog spends all but a few weeks in a woodland habitat. When you hear their “duck call,” you know they are seeking out a vernal pool for mating to begin. These are the only frogs that live in the artic circle, as well. They breed in these vernal pools after the snow melt, but before most other frogs, as these pools are usually well gone before summer arrives. Blending in with the leaves on the forest floor, they spend their winters there instead of deep in the ponds below the ice.

From learning about the Wood Frog, I believe this lady heard one in a bush, accounting for it being “four foot tall.” I understand why she was a bit concerned with hearing a four foot tall duck, but this is why we research and do what we do.

It seems that nothing is quite what it seems in this strange universe we live in.

– Paranormal Sass

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