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This past weekend saw the release of Disney’s Tron: Legacy.  I went to see this feature in its 3D format, which I’m not sure really added much more depth to the film.  The original Tron released by Disney back in 1982 was a work of special effects for its time and did not need special 3D effects to give the settings the depth that was presented by characters existing in a digital dimension.

Tron: Legacy picks up in 1989, 7 years after Kevin Flynn’s (Jeff Bridges) forced voyage into a digital world where a rogue computer program called the Master Control Program draws him in by digitizing his body in an effort to stop him from finding a hidden computer file.

In 1989 we see Flynn with his son as he puts him to bed, telling him a bedtime story about the programs that were created in the digital world by himself and other users that take on the forms of people.  Characters such as CLU, a program that in persona looks much like Flynn, and Tron, who is a program that looks much like his friend Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner.) As Flynn’s son Sam goes to bed, he watches his dad ride off on his motorcycle with the promise to be back.  Of course, Kevin Flynn is never seen again by his young son, or anyone else for that matter.

The story then takes a turn where we are now in present day.  Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is now an adult around 27, and even though he is the major share holder in his father’s computer and technology company, he has little to do with it other than to make a flamboyant appearance once a year to trounce on his chair members’ greed.  One night he is greeted by Alan Bradley, who still carries a numeric pager.  He tells Sam that he received an unusual page from Flynn’s old video game arcade and suggests that Sam should go check it out.  Sam then goes to the vacated arcade with all of its video game machines and soon finds a secret doorway to an underground lab.  As he begins to check things out, he is suddenly transported into the digital world.

I don’t want to go into too much more detail as to where the story leads, other than to say that it is a typical ‘save my dad from the other side’ sort of tale.  Of course we have a re-introduction of the famous lighted clothing, light cycles, and other vehicles that were in the original Tron movie.  I really didn’t find that the details of the digital world of Tron: Legacy to have changed much from the first film of 1982, other than the graphics were more up to date.  Our villain of the story has changed, is a little unexpected, and most of all, where is Tron?  That question just might leave the viewer guessing.

The film is quite enjoyable, and entertaining, but I didn’t find anything in the story that really kept me on the edge of my seat. Overall I would rate this movie a B mostly based on the nostalgic fact that I played the Tron arcade game when I was a kid and enjoyed the original movie and story concept. Plus with it being a Disney film, can you really go wrong?  Go, enjoy the movie, but you might consider saving the extra few dollars on the 3D version, I think it will stand out just as well as the original Tron movie did so many years ago.

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– Pael Spelle

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