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A week ago Steven Jeral Harris sent me this novel he wrote. I want to share it with all of my followers and my hope is that you will read it and pass it on as well. I was sucked into this book with it’s action and paranormal aspects. I couldn’t wait to finish this book. I look forward to it’s sequel.
Iva is a 19 year old girl starting college. All she seeks is something normal like the rest of is. We all know normal is overrated, but we hope anyway. Her world is turned completely upside down when she finds a red box. Her town has a black lion as a mascot and something that they call a Hellhound, we would call him a werewolf. Her small town is plagued with unsolvable murders. Iva comes in to contact with something we would call shape shifters, or as the author refers to them, in betweeners. They are not fully human nor are they fully animal.  Her friends have animal spirits and soon, she will share in their world.  So, how does a red box connect to a werewolf, shape shifters and murders?  Read and find out.
Here’s the link to Mr. Harris’ book: Untamed

Psst: I have an exclusive from the author that the sequel should be finished by the end of spring. 😉 Stay tuned for more adventures with Iva and her friends.

– CeCe

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