Samantha or Jeannie?
Samantha, or

It’s a decades old question.  People have bantered and argued about it now for years. Who was better?  Samantha or Jeannie?  Which one would you rather have been or have been with?  Who had the better powers? Let’s start off with a little History of  a lovely witch named Samantha: Bewtiched was a television series that was created by Sol Saks featuring a lovely witch who falls in love with an average mortal man.  Of course he disapproves of witchcraft, and try as she might, her magical family or some other happenstance always brought magic into the fray.  The main character of the show, Samantha, was played by actress Elizabeth Montgomery. Elizabeth-as-Samantha-in-Bewitched

With a wiggle of her nose, and an occasional flip of the wrist, Elizabeth Montgomery remained the main character throughout the entire run of the show of all 254 episodes from 1964 until the series end in 1972.
And now for a little bit about a genie named, well, Jeannie:
I Dream of Jeannie was a television show in which the main star was a provocatively clad female genie, Jeannie, that was discovered in a bottle by an astrounaut on a beach after a splash down.  Jeannie immediately falls in love with the astronaut and follows him home.  Since he is the one that has released her from her 2000 year prison, she now deems him her Master.
Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman), the astronaut, doesn’t like the magic antics since he fears that everytime Jeannie crosses her arms and blinks, she’s going to magically displace him from the space program.  Jeannie was portrayed by Barbara Eden for all 139 episodes which aired from 1965 to 1970.
What we are looking for here is your input of why you think Samantha is better than Jeannie, or why you think Jeannie is better than Samantha.  It’s a question that has never been solved, and we are not necessarily looking for the solution.  It may never be riddled out.  But let’s hear what you have to say… Samantha or Jeannie?
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