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If you would like to submit your work for I Must Be Hallucinating publications, then just follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Have a valid email account.  All of our correspondences are conducted by email at this time.
  3. Short story submissions should be between 2,000 and 10,000 words.  Although we will consider those stories that are a bit shorter or a bit longer, this is the approximate size that we work with. Artwork may be submitted with your written story as long as it is your original art. (We do not guarantee illustrations to be published with written works but will always consider.)
  4. Serialized stories and comics are also welcome for submission.  Mini-series and serials are given consideration with a complete first draft.
  5. We aren’t too worried about format, as long as the story itself is clear. It is however, preferred to recieve in a text document or .pdf file.  If you need to send a typed manuscript, please contact us.
  6. All short story submissions should include a bio telling a bit about yourself,  if you are a new writer or an established writer, and a summary of your story. Also your short bio could be used in our pages in order to promote your work.  (Established writers do not take priority over new writers.  We want great stories regardless!)
  7. All poetry submissions should include a bio telling a bit about yourself,  and if you are a new writer or an established writer. (Established writers do not take priority over new writers.  We want great stories regardless!)
  8. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as the other publishers that the work has been submitted to has the same policy.  Please note in your email if it is a simultaneous submission and the other publishers that you have sent the work to.  Also state whether or not the piece has been previously published, and if so, the name of the publishing company as well as the title of the piece. Please do not submit a work that is already published, or sent to a publisher that does not allow simultaneous submissions.
  9. We prefer fresh, new stories that have not been previously published.
  10. DO NOT SEND PLAGIARIZED WORKS!!!  This is serious stuff!!  It will not be tolerated and if we find it, we will notify the original creator or copyright holder.
  11. Do not send links to examples of works.  Do not send links to posts that you think should be considered for our publication.  I’m not hunting through your files to see if you have something that might be worth our time.  You send your story you would like to be considered for publication in email or file format through the contact information provided.  Writers unable to follow directions will be ignored.
  12. Inquiries are welcome.  We do help mentor with finalizing projects and kickstarting them based on time & resource availability.

We accept all forms of  fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc., all relating to something within our themes.

We promote and market the publication, along with the authors featured in the publication.  Chosen writers are encouraged to promote themselves as well.

Writers submitting their work agree to allow rights of use for US, UK, European publication as well as additional future publications (anthologies and teasers) or other promotions without further compensation.  Writers retain copyright for their own work.

Response time is generally within 8 weeks, but can take as long as 6 months.  We respond to all writer submissions.

Authors chosen for publication will receive a copy of the magazine in which they are printed, and may receive a promotional item as available at the time.  Bylines given.

Approximately 8 – 12 short stories will be used per year at this time within our theme categories.

Contact Us to submit for consideration.  Send to ATTN: Pael Spelle. Include the title of the piece and your name in the subject line. Submit each title separately.  Please clearly label your documents with your name and titles.

© 2016

(Guidelines subject to change.)






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