Today a friend and I went to see Red Riding Hood, the classic faerie tale of a young girl that wears a red hooded cloak, and visits grandma only to find a wolf.  Only in this film things take a twist as our big bad wolf of this story is actually a werewolf.


So the movie starts off where we find ourselves in the rustic village that you might imagine from the original story of Little Red Riding Hood. We are soon introduced to our characters in the village: Valerie (the name of our Little Red Riding Hood character), played by the lovely Amanda Seyfried; Cesaire (Valerie’s father), Peter, Henry, and of course Grandmother.  Our plot unfolds rather quickly as we begin on the night of a full moon.  The villagers are all preparing for the visit from the vicious wolf beast by setting sacrifices and locking themselves in their homes.

As the film progresses we find ourselves into a betrothal situation where Valerie has been promised to Henry.  But of course, she is in love with the woodsman, Peter.  So of course you know where this usual song and dance goes with that sort of thing twisted into the plot.

Things start to go awry with the wolf when after years of appeasing it, it has now killed one of the villagers.  Valerie’s sister.

Now enters the ‘great exalted’ Father Solomon (Gary Oldman) who has arrived to tell the townspeople that the ferocious animal that they are appeasing every full moon is actually something a bit worse; a werewolf. And it is one of them!! So now add into our Little Red Riding Hood story the infamous witch and werewolf trials as Valerie is made to be a sacrifice for the werewolf after she is ratted out by one of her friends as having spoken with the werewolf.

Red Riding Hood does a good job in stretching out the classic faerie tale.  I’m not going to give you a spoiler on this film as the story is written well enough that you might find yourself a bit misled as to who the werewolf really is. Let’s say this: our story is going to wind up in a suspenseful trip to Grandmother’s house!

Pael Spelle

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