My four year old has been begging me to see the new animated kids movie Tangled. So after days of trying to plead and bargain with her, my husband and I finally gave in. There has been a lot of hype about Tangled which was the majority of the reason why we didn’t want to see it, cause everyone said Shrek 4 was great and I thought it was pretty lame.  So we paid the money for all of us to go out and see Tangled and holy cow was it worth it. Tangled was awesome! I actually want to go see it again and it’s a kids flick! Go figure.

The movie was well thought out. The story line was great, not your average Rapunzel is stuck in a tower and a prince comes to rescue her story. This had a completely different spin to it. The graphics are great and there is a scene with floating laterns that will give you goosebumps because it is so beautiful. It was also a very funny film. There is lots of humor, action and betrayal all mixed with a love story. Basically it’s a story about growing up and making your own decisions even when everyone else tells you you can’t do it.

So to sum up the story, there is of course Rapunzel who is hidden in a tall tower. She isn’t necessarily locked in the tower but instead scared into the tower. She has a secret that is very valuable and her mother has hidden herself and Rapunzel in this tower for years so that nobody can take Rapunzel’s gift away. But when Rapunzel recieves an unlikely visiter she gathers up the courage to embrace the outside world for the first time in her life. Rapunzel is played by the voice of Mandy Moore. And for those of you that don’t know who Mandy Moore is, go watch A Walk to Remember or pick up one of her music albums. She has an amazing voice and it was perfect for Rapunzels soft character especially since there is a lot of singing involved.

I highly recommend going to see Tangled. It’s a film for the whole family to enjoy and has some good morals too. I did not however get to see it in 3D but I do wish I had. You can definately tell where some really cool 3D effects would play in. So what are you waiting for? Grab the kids and go see Tangled!


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